outward bound

me :)

one day i'll hopefully delete my entire online self in a fit of relieved freedom, but in the meantime here is where else you can find me:
unwhere on neocities

i'm sarg#3779 on discord; come say hello!

useful sites

worldcultures: get educated on other cultures

shinigami eyes: browser add-on that highlights transphobic and trans-friendly social network pages and users with different colours

gifcities: the geocities animated gif search engine by the wonderful internet archive

seasky: glossery of astronomy terminology!

world building generators: useful for in-depth world building!

character generator: for character traits in a pinch

name that colour: when you need a specific colour that is on the tip of your tongue but just cannot remember

tv tropes: for when you need to waste seven hours or to learn about common tropes in media

everynoise: find different genres of music

fun sites

noclip.website: explore classic video game worlds on your browser!

objection.lol: make your own phoenix wright court room scene

postsecret: one of my favourite sites; anonymous postcards every sunday!

listen to the mouth trilogy: buddy, i gotta be honest you're never gonna be the same after encountering neil cicierega. chances are you already have but think of this as a gateway drug into the deep end of neil.

deltarune: play deltarune; it's free and the music slaps

missed messages: a gorgeous free romance / horror visual novel about life, death, and memes; tw: contains mentions and depictions of suicide and self-harm

get your spook on!

scps: secure. contain. protect.

creepy wikipedia sites: is what it says on the tin.

the magnus archives: british horror podcast; very good 'n' scary

bogleech: super cool horror site? hell yeah it is.

yourghoststories: your go-to stop for all kinds of resources regarding real ghosts and true hauntings cases!

fancontent based stuff

a list of some of my favourite fanfics so i can read them again later

marge simpson anime: webcomic on the liberation of marge simpson; got some gorgeous art and wlw content right here

hangin' out: a sonic webcomic about the friendship between amy rose and metal sonic.

summoning salt's youtube channel: speedrunning history youtuber (full length documentaries!!!)

the ms.scribe story: the fanlore entry covering the old fandom wank of msscribe's behaviour during her time within the harry potter fandom and the subsequent the multi-chaptered exposé of this behaviour. there is also a documentary style video essay on the topic, which is much easier to understand

*tips hat* m'utuals

these guys all have great sites, please go check them out!
- dannarchy

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