The End of All Things.

Elsewhere on the Net.

WorldCultures: Educatation on other cultures.
SeaSky: A glossery of astronomy terminology!
World Building Generators: Resource useful for in-depth world building!
Tv Tropes: A website to learn about common tropes in media.
Shinigami Eyes: A browser add-on that highlights transphobic and trans-friendly social network pages and users with different colours.
SCPs: Secure. Contain. Protect.
Creepy Wikipedia Sites: Mellified Man, my beloved.
Bogleech: A super cool horror site.
yourghoststories: Your go-to stop for all kinds of resources regarding real ghosts and true hauntings cases!
Neil Cicierega's Website: The most influencial person in Internet humour and this is basically a launch pad of his work.
Missed Messages: A visual novel about life, death, and memes. Explore classic video game worlds on your browser!
Summoning Salt: A speedrunning history youtuber (also Karl Jobst!) .
RedLetterMedia: Film reviews, which I usually have in the background when I work (See also Mic The Snare).

Me, elsewhere.

One day, I'm going to delete my online presence in an attempt to gain some sort of control over my life. But that day isn't now and so I'm available here. No matter where you contact me, I'll aim to get back to you in 2-5 days. I promise.

For a speedy response, Tumblr or Email are your best bets. Otherwise, I'm on LetterBoxd & Discord. If using Discord, please let me know who you are!

“Welcome to the Cryptonomica! When you stepped through that door, you stepped through the arch of doom. Here there be monsters, my friend!”

The Cryptonomica, Tumblr user 80sbear, 2019. [x]

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