Inside the Owl Temple.

About the Webmaster—

I’m Danny, a nineteen-year-old, non-binary, dual-honours university student based both in Cornwall and Wales. I am a lover, mainly of the colour green; those last days of autumn as it fades into winter proper; the Legend of Zelda, Over the Garden Wall; ceramics (mostly stoneware) in all forms, but of other things as well. Other fun facts are I collect CDs, roughly 107 upon last counting all my collection; was raised by university librarians, which is probably why I'm like this; and that I am a unprofessional writer.

About the Website—

Midsummer Eve Bonfire on Skagen Beach, P.S. Krøyer, Oil on Canvas, 1906 [x]

Agarr comes from the name of the gel used in petri dishes. It is also a labour of love. A labour of love I work on very little due to my illnesses and, for that, I apologise. This website was initially made as a way to express myself but over time it has become an escape from the modern Internet’s individualistic consumeristic culture as the website embraces a more basic yet experimental web design with no advertising. I think it serves both purposes pretty well, although Agarr’s early days were far more “experimental” than it is now. Part of growing up and not wanting a lawsuit for copyright infringement, I suppose.

I’ve been on the Internet for well over half my life and seen it develop to the capitalist bollocks it is now; Working retail for a year does make one even more left-wing. The Internet is sadly not the wild west anymore, as much as some may wish it was. With that being said, Neocities and the rest of the great revival of open source and Web 1.0 is as close as we may get to it returning to its decentralised roots (even if it is still sort of centralised by being on Neocities, but I digress) and I thank everyone for the great sense of community and fun I’ve had on here.

But, despite being a part of the web-sphere for so long, Agarr is still severely underdeveloped, and I hope that this can change in the coming months. I hope you will enjoy whatever I end up popping on here and know that it is a perpetual work in progress.