Through The Deep, Dark Valley…

Well met!

Welcome to my website. It’s a little something I've cooked up in my spare time and it’s full of things I love.

So, please, come on in (wipe your feet) and have a poke around! Mind the cobwebs on the chair as you sit down. This is but a short stop on your long journey through the internet and I'm glad you have found your way here. Let this be a jumping-off point to many more discoveries. I hope you find something new or even something old you forgot about! :)

This website was founded on the 16.06.2020 and is designed with desktop in mind, so please make sure you're using desktop to view it. The last major update on 31.03.2021, with minor adjustments and the removal of the "Kitchen" page while it is refurbished. Thank you for your patience.

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This is link to Black Lives Matter resources. Please look through when you have a moment.

An amateur orchid grower works in the window of his greenhouse in Silver Spring, Maryland, April 1971.

Photograph by Gordon Gahan, National Geographic [x]